"As a fellow educator, I've enjoyed watching Ms. Pels teach my son with some of the best tools of our craft.
He is so thrilled with his own growth; what more could a parent wish for?"

~Written by KK

"Mrs. Pels has a well-developed method for keeping students motivated and excited about learning."

~Written by AD

"Jeanette Pels teaches my grand-daughter. She is seven years old. She has been taking piano lessons for two years, the
last year with Mrs. Pels. What a difference the last year has been for her with Mrs. Pels. She makes learning piano a
rewarding challenge. My grand-daughter sits at the piano and plays with pride because of what she has learned from
Mrs. Pels. It has also been very rewarding for me because I get to sit in on her lessons and I can see improvement with
her skills and her accomplishments on a weekly basis. We are fortunate to have found Mrs. Pels.

~Written by LJ

"I give Mrs. Pels my highest recommendation; she is organized, motivating, encouraging, & talented. We adore Mrs. Pels!"

~Written by DX

"My daughter looks forward to her lessons. The Theory Sheets and love for her students are so wonderful. Mrs. Pels
her students to go further. I wish she was my teacher too!!"

~Written by TML

"She practices on her own at home. Mrs. Pels' methods have her moving at an accelerated rate, which is GREAT!"

~Written by KW

"Mrs. Pels style of teaching is wonderful for young students. My child looks forward to Mrs. Pels' class all week!"

~Written by BA

Letter of Recommendation from Mother & Daughter

(Rosemary & Meghan O’Leary)

Jeanette Pels taught my daughter, Meghan, piano lessons for five years in Syracuse, New York. We loved Mrs. Pels. Out of all the piano teachers my daughter had, Mrs. Pels was the very best. We tried to go back to other teachers after Mrs. Pels moved to Florida, but quickly realized that none of them measured up to her.

In Meghan’s own words, here is what she liked about Jeanette Pels: “She taught me a lot about piano. She also taught me about initiative. She makes people want to learn. It’s not like ‘learn this or else.’ She encouraged us to work for trophies which was very motivating.”

We highly recommend Jeanette Pels for piano lessons. She is fantastic and we miss her dearly.


Excerpts from Letter of Recommendation

(Dr. John Yinger, Professor at Syracuse University)

Mrs. Pels is a gifted teacher of beginning piano students, and my daughter’s piano playing has thrived under her tutelage.
Mrs. Pels teaching style is kind and up-beat. She set high standards by showing my daughter how to play a song the right way and by praising her when she did so. Mrs. Pels also knew how to make the lessons fun with little rewards, like stickers and pencils, and through praise.

Mrs. Pels is also a very organized teacher….teaching scales and musical concepts that the students need to know. She provides “theory sheets” each week for the students to work on, some from published books and some of her own creation. All this organization has rubbed off on my daughter, who enjoys systematically learning new pieces.

I recommend Mrs. Pels with great enthusiasm.


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